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piektdiena, 2007. gada 19. oktobris


Out off my mind, fuck,
out off my soul, beach,
Fuck off, please,
Please, please.
My name on floor, smack in the eye,
But I fight, I am learning to fight with fear with tear

Back on my back, back and forth
Smile beach, smile.
Our theory crash to peaces.

"I love you", they say to my puppy,
It is ok,
But there was no kiss, no kiss.
Law of gravitation doesnt work today...

Oh my God, I eat my jougurt,
Whay so stupid?
Whay so creap?
Everything is unisex,
Fuck off, Oh my...
Come back and fuck,
Freak out for some time.

Oh my, please fuck from my life,
And stay forever in my mind.


otrdiena, 2007. gada 16. oktobris

I love you! I wont mental sex with you! Psychedelic Sexfunk From RHCP!

Ja kāds pateiks, ko es mīlu, tad es pārliecināšos, ka tā ir taisnība! Bet sexa nebūs! Diemžēl!

pirmdiena, 2007. gada 15. oktobris

Manas jaunās pankūkas!


piektdiena, 2007. gada 12. oktobris

Crash ( Especially for You )

Between walls and ceilings,
They say "STOP",
When lights die out, I say "Let go".

Oh yes, you must help me,
Oh yes, you must bring your selfe down.
Put me in your mind,
Stay with me forever
Do you wont to give up?

The record was without feelings,
Can you say that?
Rabidness tonight,hangover in the mourning,
But it's doesn't matter, when I am with you.

So cold, so cold withot you,
When leave-taking come,
I did not look into your eyes
Was it mistake or not?
Tell me, tell me please.

Cramping on dancefloor,
So crazy, so wild, so fuckin nice.
Good bye, this was crach of my life.

Crash, crash my heart for reason,
Crash, crash, oh yes.
Love is feeling, that we don't gonna understand,
And this for better, this for better.

Music make me feel like flying carpet,
It gives me wings,
You are music for my soul,
So light like snout Slim,
But more stronger than jay.

I know that's a goof,
But say one word, that I am loco
And I will understand,
But please say,say this word.

otrdiena, 2007. gada 9. oktobris

I got soul, but I'm not a soldier

City of freeadom, world start cry,
Stay for a while,
People hate time, but one day you will be a man,
And dreams will grow up with you.
Thank you girl, you smile like a God.

Day like day, through hours, hopes and expectations,
Through my girl and love.

Shape on wall,,
Hope in my soul,
Stay with me some time,
Enjoy power of love and leave me alone.

Monday I am keen on you,
But Sunday come so hard,
And I understand that bargain was a quaky shit.
Groove sound come,
Oh come on, oh come on, oh come on,
Thay talk abaut you, but I dont listen,
Universe tray to eat me alive.

Crazy I, crazy you, dont except respect from me,
Crazy you, crazy I, leave me alone, please
Stars so long away,thay said to me,
But I have one, I have you.

Kiss away my pain, kiss so far away,
You my star, I your jack,
Dont say, just do,
Oh come on, oh come on, oh come on,
Some day maby,
Oh yes, oh yes, Oh yes.
Cut it out, cut it short,
Put a clock ahead,get a wiggle on!
Oh come on, oh come on, oh come on,
Till one's dying day.
Every bullet has its billet,
Oh come on, oh come on, oh come on.

sestdiena, 2007. gada 6. oktobris


Fuck - I hate you!
Fuck - Whay?
Fuck - I dont know.
Fuck - Tell me please.
Fuck - It is hard to explane.
Fuck - But I love you!
Fuck - HaHaHa
Fuck - Beach
Fuck - I am beach, but you love me?
Fuck - Fuck, fuck
Fuck - Yes or no?
Yes, yes, yes, fuck yes

ceturtdiena, 2007. gada 4. oktobris


Sand from hand to hand,
Pain from heart to heart,
But you dont feel it
You seems to me so far away with him
And you dont see howe much I care.

There is now way to run,
I only watch and watch,
cry and cry,
But you cant read my mind

My heart is broken,
My eyes with tears,
But you seems to me so free and without pain

Your voice kill me,
But for reasons are know,
I wont die every day again and again

I open the dors for my heart
again, again, again...

To stars I pray,
But question is one-- whay?
Whay, whay, whay.

Sand from hand to hand,
For you it is a silly game,
But for me it is death,
Again, again with every grain of sand.

trešdiena, 2007. gada 3. oktobris


Tas nav tas ko tu doma,
Tā ir atbalss, kas veļas no kalna
Ar blikšķi, bez sāpēm, ar jūtam pret tevi.

Tas viss dēļ tevis, mana mīļā,
Skatieni vēsi, sirdi pildot,
Izdveš asinis kvelē.

Tas dēļ tevis mana vēsā sirds,
Apdomajies ko tu dari un apskaties kā nopil mana dzīve
Sista, pelta un tevis izsmieta.

Man sagadā baudu stiklainais skatiens,
Mani pievelk tas ka tu raudi,
Tevi pievelk tas ka es raudu,
Un nesaku tev kadēļ.

Tu pat nenojaut cik gruti man nākas,
Drīzak nenākas tev pateikt - es mīlu,
Tu piebeidz ar domām,
Tik svešām, tālām ,bet tik patiesi saldām.

Es nebeidzu domāt un mazāk vel rakstāt,
Par bezjēdzīgiem sapņiem par mums,
Es esmu egoistsks pret pilsētu un sevi,
Bet pret tevi es sajūtu spēli,
Kas tik lieka un svēta man šķiet.

Laiks atņēma man tevi,
Es paliku lieks pret pasauli nīsto,
Paldies ka tu esi un domā par mani
Paldies ka tu vienkārši esi.

otrdiena, 2007. gada 2. oktobris

pirmdiena, 2007. gada 1. oktobris

Ja ne toi II

I hate you for your smile,
I hate you for your moves,
I hate you for being so far from me,
I hate so much, that I start to love you more and more.

I love your fuckin smile,
I love your crazy moves,
I love you  for being so far from me,
I love so much, that I die for you.

I die in every dream with open eyes,
I born with every thought about you,
I am creep,
I am imbecile about you, 
But you only smile and kill me for fun.