svētdiena, 2007. gada 25. novembris

v *s a**a

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trešdiena, 2007. gada 21. novembris

Shitty time in my life

Shitty like a zookeeper's boy from stardusts,
Lucky for facts, girls who know him from his name,
But you can change my why in life,
I turn four days after my birthday.
Sorry for shitty ending, sorry my mind mate.

There are facts, that now one can say that thay are false,
So don't call me a liar,
I know that every mother wont her son going back to home,
And youngest sisters are the best.

Things have their why in life,
But how it came so wrong?
How can I loving you now?
My or your ? What ever!
My part from you eat me alive.

Don't say that I am naive,
Don't say crazy, but act like a fool.
Go to myspace dot com and be so close to me.
Magic don't happening our days.

I cross see to see,
Network consume friends souls,
And cheep games destroy senses at all.
I have my first lesson to not to be so cold,
Cello sound from next room fascinate imagination,
I see you naked in the rain,
Oh my God I may dreamer,
But I'm steel alive instead of you.

Sorry for lines that I write,
Sorry at all..
Goodbye for ever kindness,
Hallo new life.





I know you Know, that I am talking with you.


Beidzot TAS ir noticis!!!!

Nu tad tā! Beidzot tas ir noticis! Līdz tam bija ilgs ceļš ejams, bet nu es varu teikt : "Tas nu ir fakts un neviens nevar TO apstrīdēt!" Vakar tas notika ap pulkstens 15.00. Sākumā bija grūti un nevarēja saprast kā tas īsti ir darāms un cik droši tas viss ir! Bet mani iedrošināja mana mīlestība... Viņa man čukstēja, ka viss notiek tā , kā tam jānotiek, un lai es nebaidos un gan jau viss būs Ok! Un bija! Nu es varu teikt, ka tagad viņa ir mana! Es pat nebaidos apgalvot, ka viņi es biju pirmais un ļoti ceru ka palikšu tāds vienmēr!( ja labi un mīļi paprasīsiet, tad varbūt uz kādu nedēļas nogali viņa būs arī tava :) )
Es ceru, ka lielais R ar mani varētu lepoties! Viņš tagad nav vienīgais, kas to dara!

P.S. Interesanti, kurš atrāks pabeigs...?

pirmdiena, 2007. gada 19. novembris

Nine million bicycles

There are nine million bicycles in Beijing
That's a fact,
It's a thing we can't deny
Like the fact that I will love you till I die.

We are twelve billion light years from the edge,
That's a guess,
No-one can ever say it's true
But I know that I will always be with you.

I'm warmed by the fire of your love everyday
So don't call me a liar,
Just believe everything that I say

There are six billion people in the world
More or less
and it makes me feel quite small
But you're the one I love the most of all

We're high on the wire
With the world in our sight
And I'll never tire,
Of the love that you give me every night

There are nine million bicycles in Beijing
That's a Fact,
it's a thing we can't deny
Like the fact that I will love you till I die

And there are nine million bicycles in Beijing
And you know that I will love you till I die!

sestdiena, 2007. gada 17. novembris

svētdiena, 2007. gada 11. novembris

Visu cieņu!

RR    RR   HH    HH   CC   CC  PP    PP 
RR    RR   HH    HH   CC       PP    PP
RR   RR    HHHHHHHH   CC       PP    PP
RR   RR    HH    HH   CC       PP
RR    RR   HH    HH   CC   CC  PP

sestdiena, 2007. gada 10. novembris


Like funky shit...

Like fuckin groove...

Like best from the west...

Like John Frusciante using drugs...

Like Red Hot Chili Peppers in Slane castle...

Like Flea naked in the rain playin his fuckin bass...

ceturtdiena, 2007. gada 8. novembris


I don't have nothing to eat,
My whay is one - to nearest shop
I am a begger,I don't have money,
But I am live, I have my life.

In my pocket are 44 fuckin cents,
For all my day I buy cheapes bread and
russian pasta.
I smoke my Marlboro, two cigares a day,
Because purse is empty like my heart.

I still think about you,
Tomorrow will be to late at ten o'clock
Reading is not aim, but only whay to truth,
I hope, that the day after tomorrow will be...

Ok, my story now ends,
You make my mind think clearly
On red carpet one day I will be with you
But now I am in hostel and watching Discovery Channel
Like Bloodhound Gang sing in there song,

MTV sucks and Britney is bitch,
I love my contry and president say: "Kill for you country"
So live you life like tomorrow is too late
And don't kill... but it is too late now.

svētdiena, 2007. gada 4. novembris